Puente Nuevo at dusk Puente Nuevo at dusk

Top 10 Viewpoints of Ronda

One of the most scenic towns in all of Spain, Ronda is full of incredible viewpoints to get the best views of the breathtaking surrounding landscapes in the Serranía de Ronda. Here are some of the places that will allow you to get the best views of this beautiful region, both well known views and a few hidden gems.

Make sure to check the end of the article where we have a map showing the locations of all of these viewpoints!

1. Ronda Bridge Viewpoint

One of the best places to get a direct view of the Puente Nuevo, this viewpoint is a popular spot to stop at while enjoying a walk down to the Tajo gorge.

Puente Nuevo
Ronda Bridge Viewpoint

2. La Sevillana

Unofficialy known as 'El Balcon del coño', this is another of the most popular and beautiful spots to enjoy the scenery surrounding Ronda. You can start by enjoying a walk from the Paseo Blas Infante, a nice park with lots of wild cats hiding amongst the trees and bushes.

At the end of the walkway you can sit at the bandstand and relax while watching the colours of the landscape at sunset.

Ronda gorge at sunset
La Sevillana at sunset

3. Viewpoint at Calle Juan José de Puya

At the end of the street here you will come across three small balconies with seats where you can sit an admire one of the most impressive views of the old town of Ronda, with the Church of Santa María La Mayor towering above the buildings and walls of the old town. After this there is nothing nicer than walking down the steps beside the viewpoint and enjoy the neighbourhood of Padre Jesús, where you can wander and get lost in the small streets until you reach the lower portion of the town and the Arab Baths.

Old town skyline of Ronda
The view from Calle Juan José de Puya

4. Mirador de Aldehuela

Right beside the Puente Nuevo, the Mirador de Aldehuela lets you enjoy an easily accessible and close-up view of the Puente nuevo. Make sure to look to your right also to see the gorge in all its glory and the second of three bridges that span the gorge of Ronda, the Puente Viejo.

Puente Nuevo at dusk
The Puente Nuevo from the Mirador de Aldehuela

5. Mirador De Cuenca

In the Jardines de Cuenca, you can enjoy a wander through the rose gardens and stop to admire views over the gorge and the three bridges of Ronda, with the Mirador de Cuenca being the most beautiful and dramatic of the viewpoints there, offering a lower view of the Puente Nuevo.

Rose garden in Cuenca gardens and Puente Nuevo
The Rose garden in the Jardines de Cuenca

6. Puerta de la Cijara

One of the original Arab entrance gates to the city of Ronda, this area of the city walls offers expansive views over the surrounding landscape of Ronda, and is a perfect place to enjoy a stroll in the early morning sunshine.

Walls of Ronda
The view from the Walls of Ronda

7. Carril Virgen de la Cabeza

A walk past the San Francisco area will take you towards the Virgen de la Cabeza church and on the way to the church you can enjoy panoramic and expansive views of Ronda, with the Puente nuevo as a stunning centrepiece at the skyline.

Puente Nuevo and skyline of Ronda
The view of the Ronda skyline from Carril Virgen de la Cabeza

8. Av. de Juan Pablo II

The area around Av. de Juan Pablo II will offer a further viewpoint of Ronda, with views of both the old town and the modern area together.

Ronda old town skyline
The view of the Ronda Old Town

9. La Hoya Del Tajo viewpoint

A lower view of the Tajo and Puente Nuevo of Ronda and a good place to park if you are driving to Ronda.

Man walking towards Puente Nuevo
Climbing the hill at the Hoya Del Tajo viewpoint

10. Mirador of Paseo Blas Infante

Another beautiful view of the surrounding valleys and hills of the Serranía de Ronda, this viewpoint is a great place to walk and you can continue enjoying the views while walking towards the Alameda del Tajo park.

Woman standing at Alameda del Tajo at sunset
The Alameda Park at sunset
Map of must-stop viewpoints in Ronda