Arena inside the Plaza del Toros Ronda Arena inside the Plaza del Toros Ronda

Bullring of the Royal Cavalry of Ronda

The Plaza de Toros de Ronda is famous for being the oldest bullring in Spain. Construction was originally finished in 1784 but an inaugural bullfighting event that year resulted in a partial collapse of the stands, which resulted in the building being temporarily closed for repairs until it was finally completed in 1785. The Romero family was the most famous bullfighting family of Ronda, providing over three generations of bullfighters. The bullring now houses a museum dedicated to bullfighting with many historical bullfighting regalia, weapons and costumes.

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Bullring of Plaza del Toros Ronda
The bullring
Seats inside Plaza del Toros Ronda
Seating areas
Columns inside the Plaza del Toros Ronda
Sandstone columns providing support for the upper seating and roof of the arena
Decorations inside the Plaza del Toros Ronda
Painting of a bull on the perimeter of the arena