Ceramic of a Moorish king Ceramic of a Moorish king

Casa del Rey Moro

The Casa del Rey Moro (House of the Moorish King) dates from the beginning on the 18th century, and is not, as it’s name suggests, from the time of the Moors. The house was restored by the Duchess of Parcent in 1912 but unfortunately is in a state of disrepair now and cannot be visited. What can be visited however, are the gardens, and they provide access to one of the most interesting features from Moorish Ronda. After entering a doorway in the garden, several hundred steps take the visitor down into a Moorish mine that was used to draw water from the Guadalevin river during times of sieges and civil wars, with a human line of Christian slaves being the unfortunate people who had to carry out this arduous work.

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Exterior of the Casa del Rey Moro
The exterior facade
Moorish water mine
Inside the water mine
Ceramic of a Moorish king
Ceramic tile painting of a Moorish king on the facade of the building
Details on railings of the facade
Details on the exterior railings
Casa del Rey Moro facade
A view of the house with the entrance to the gardens on the right