Tajo de Ronda Tajo de Ronda

El Tajo Gorge walk

Starting at the Puerta de Almocabar, the walk takes you downhill into the gorge area where you will be able to admire the incredible scenery around Ronda, while also enjoying some of the best views of the Puente Nuevo bridge from two different viewpoints. The walk then takes you back uphill into the Plaza de María Auxiliadora where you can take a well deserved rest after climbing the steps!

See the full map here.

Gorge of Ronda and the new bridge
The bottom of the gorge with incredible views of the Puente Nuevo
New bridge of Ronda
A higher viewpoint of the Puente Nuevo
Gorge and new bridge of Ronda
A panorama of the full gorge surrounding the Puente Nuevo
Map of the route