Montejaque Montejaque

Ronda to Montejaque Hike

This hike takes you from Ronda to the beautiful Pueblo Blanco of Montejaque, taking in incredible scenery and landscapes along the way. The walk can be quite open at times so it’s good to be prepared in the summer months when it can be very warm. The first half is mostly downhill, descending 250m from 720m at Ronda. The second half is uphill, somtimes steeply, gaining 300m in 4 km before the descent into Montejaque.

See the full map here.

Walking trail in Ronda
The trail from the northside of Ronda
Hiker walking to Montejaque
A hiker walking the trail
House on the path to Montejauque
A derelict house in a picturesque location
Olive groves in the Serranía de Ronda
Olive groves on the way to Montejaque
Town of Montejaque
The first sight of Montejaque fom the top of a hill
Town of Montejaque
Walking down the hill towards the town
Town of Montejaque
A viewpoint over Montejaque
Map of the route