Puente Nuevo at dusk uente Nuevo at dusk

Puente Nuevo (New Bridge)

The most emblematic monument in Ronda. The original bridge was built in 1735 but the bridge collapsed several years later and sadly killed 50 people. The Puente Nuevo was started in 1759 and was completed in 1793, with a height of 98 metres. The Puente Nuevo is the largest of the three bridges that span the Guadalevín River In Ronda. A room above the central arch of the bridge was originally used as a prison and is now home to the Puente Nuevo Interpretation Museum.

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Gorge of Ronda and Puente Nuevo
The bridge viewed from one of the gorge viewpoints
Buildings at the New bridge in Ronda
Buildings at the cliff edges above the gorge, viewed from the bridge
New bridge in Ronda at twilight
The bridge at dusk
Railings in a park in Ronda at sunset
One of the distinctive railings on the bridge
Gorge and new bridge of Ronda
The colourful gorge area in Springtime around the bridge