Puerta de Almocábar Puerta de Almocábar

Puerta de Almocabar

The Almocabar gate originally provided access to the city and on the outside was the Moorish cemetery that used to be located in the area that now is the Plaza Ruedo Alameda. Ferdinand and Isabel first entered Ronda through this gate during their triumphal march into Ronda the Christian reconquest of the city. The walls and gate were left in ruins after the French invasion in the early 19th century and were restored again in the 1960’s. It’s now possible to climb the walls and enjoy views of the San Francisco area from the tower viewpoints.

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Moorish entrance of the Puerta de Almocabar
The Moorish entrance of the Puerta de Almocabar
Moorish entrance of Perta de Almocabar
A close up of the Moorish entrance
Defensive tower and walls of Puerta de Almocabar
The towers of the walls surrounded by palm trees
Entrance door to Puerta de Almocabar
An entrance door beneath the walls
Stone cross in the towers of the Puerta de Almocabar
Stone projectiles used during the Christian reconquest were formed into crucifixes in the wall